We want your children to love coming to World Outreach Church and have lots of fun while learning more about the Word of God and the Spirit of God. Enjoy adult services knowing that your children are taught the same topics in age-appropriate format and experiencing the same Holy Ghost flavor that defines us.

Check out where your children belong!

  • WonderBabies Infant to 2 years. Our conscientious staff lovingly cares for your little ones.  We treat each one as our own, sharing how uniquely God made each child and how special he or she is.  With every bottle we warm or hug we give, we purpose to demonstrate the love and goodness of God.
  • WonderTots – 2 through 3 years. With an emphasis on age-appropriate sensory teaching, experienced teams teach children the basics of God’s Word.  Lessons are graphic and colorful and balanced with plenty of creative play and crafts.
  • Junior WonderKids – Ages 4-5. Children enjoy learning about God’s Word through puppets and stories in a bright, happy atmosphere.  We know that youngsters this age like movement so we keep them hopping with interactive teaching, crafts and games.
  • WonderKids – Ages 6-12. In a high-energy environment, we kick off the service with rockin’ praise and worship and follow with lively sermons.  Most importantly, we welcome the presence of God into each service, knowing that children—like parents—crave the presence of God and aren’t really satisfied with anything less.
  • Surge – Ages 10-12. Wednesday evenings only.  Tailored to help older children transition into their teens, this forum offers a more in-depth focus of God’s Word and the power of the Spirit.  We also stress building strong relationships—with God, family and friends.



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